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Love the ocean videos

Our team at Submon and Travelecoology have produced a series of videos to highlight the many ways in which the ocean and human health are linked.

You can view these over on the Wild Sea YouTube channel or scroll down to see the ‘7 reasons why’ here.








Project partners involved





Mariluz Parga

Mariluz Parga

Wildlife Veterinarian

Julia Vera

Julia Vera

Ecotourism Specialist

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Citizen Science Program

This project has created awareness of Oceans and Human Health issues in the tourism industry.

Resources: Tourism training

Ocean and health factsheets

Discover how the oceans impact our health, economy and environment with this series of factsheets from our citizen science programme.

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  • 15 April 2019

Citizen science program launched!

A new Citizen Science Program launches today, run in collaboration with WILDSEA Europe and the SOPHIE project.

Resources: Reports

Data Management Plan

The Data Management Plan is a continuously updated ‘living’ document that describes how data generated in the SOPHIE project is handled.